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The Best Games You Might Have Missed from March 2022

As another month comes to an end, we look at our backlog of games and take a big sigh.

If you’re anything like us, there are tonnes of games you wanted to play this month but didn’t get round to it. But what about the games you didn’t even know about? With headlines still talking about Elden Ring and this month’s biggest releases including the brilliant Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Bethesda’s Ghostwire: Tokyo, chances are you’ve missed out on some excellent smaller games.

Never fear. We’re here to make your backlogs that bit bigger. You’re welcome. Our ‘Games You Might Have Missed’ monthly feature rounds up some of our favourite games released in the last month. But rather than focus on the big titles, we want to bring attention to the games that haven’t quite had the buzz that they deserve.

And so, keep on reading to find out about March’s best games that you might have missed, and be sure to add them to your radar. Wondering what you might have missed from last month? You can read February’s Games You Might Have Missed right here.

Time Loader

Time Loader review

  • Release date: 10th March
  • Formats: PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC

Time Loader came out on PC back in 2021, but this month saw it land on consoles. Chances are you haven’t heard of this little physics-based platforming game, but you really ought to keep it in mind. You take on the role of a robot, created by a scientist and sent back in time to change the past. You’ll find yourself exploring said scientist’s childhood home, messing with the fabric of time to hopefully change the future for the better. Unfortunately, things don’t quite go to plan – if the Butterfly Effect taught us anything, is that’s you can’t go messing around with the past.

It’s a fairly short adventure – we finished it in around three hours – but we enjoyed every moment of it. It’s a surprisingly poignant story, and the side-scrolling platform action is a lot of fun thanks to the robot’s versatile range of skills.

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  • Release date: 31st March
  • Formats: PC

FixFox is out today, actually, and so there’s still chance for a bit of buzz to be generated about this title. And it deserves it: this cosy adventure game has you exploring a mysterious planet, fixing various bits of technology as you go. But this isn’t some boring, straight-laced restoration simulator (we’ve got one of those for you later on, don’t worry!); you’ll be repairing stuff with band-aids, coins and, uh, fruit.

It’s a super cute game packed with personality, and although we’re yet to play the full game, the two-hour hands-on preview build we played earlier in the month left us with nothing but good feelings. The world is charming, its characters are wonderful (even the ones out to take all your belongings off of you), and its puzzles will keep you coming back for more.

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Conan Chop Chop

Conan Chop Chop key art

  • Release date: 1st March
  • Formats: PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC

Conan Chop Chop was originally announced as a sort-of April Fools joke a few years ago. Turned out it was real though – and after a series of delays, it finally launched on the 1st March. A cartoon take on Conan Exiles, this is a roguelike adventure which can be played with up to three friends. And it’s great fun.

It’s not a walk in the park though, so don’t let its super-cute art style fool you. You’ll likely die time and again as you try to make your way through the game’s various areas, taking on its hulking bosses. But with an endless selection of weapons and loot at your disposal, finding the right build is key. Get a weapon that outshines the rest, and you’ll be victorious in no time.

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A Musical Story

A Musical Story

  • Release date: 4th March
  • Formats: PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC

Hands down, A Musical Story is one of the best games you might have missed from March. This beautifully-presented tale is a cross between a rhythm game and a narrative adventure. As you experience the story of a rock band in the 1970s, you’ll play through a series of rhythm challenges, enjoying an incredible soundtrack as you go.

There’s a distinct Pink Floyd vibe to the music of A Musical Story, and if you enjoy 70s-era music, you’ll find a lot to love here. The art style – colourful hand-drawn 2D creations that ooze a psychedelic vibe – really helps bring the game to life, and it’s something quite special.  You’ll complete it in less than two hours, but it’ll stick with you for long after.

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Will You Snail?

Will You Snail

  • Release date: 9th March
  • Formats: PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC

At first glance, Will You Snail? reminded us of something like Super Meat Boy or N++; you know, a fast-paced twitch platformer that simply tests you again and again to beat short, tricky levels. It sort-of is, but there’s so much more to it. Not least the evil AI that mocks you the whole time you’re playing. And it’s brilliant.

When we wrote about Will You Snail? earlier this month, we declared “you won’t have played anything else like it”, and we stand by that sentiment. That evil AI, Squid, truly makes the game, with its excellent commentary being a highlight. There’s also a hidden narrative running through the game if you manage to find all of the hidden secrets. It’s one of the best games you might have missed from March 2022, and it’s well worth seeking out if you enjoy platforming games with a twist.

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Workshop Simulator

Workshop Simulator

  • Release date: 10th March
  • Formats: PC

Ready for that straight-laced restoration simulator we mentioned? We weren’t kidding – Workshop Simulator released earlier this month and without a doubt it’s one of the best games you might have missed. Well, if you enjoy realistic simulation games, anyway. Workshop Simulator sees you take up residence on your grandparents’ farm. While your gran is away, you spend time in your late grandfather’s work shed, fixing up things from around the farm. Starting with old toys, you’ll take them apart, clean and paint them, then put them back together again. It’s meticulous work, but it’s super rewarding.

There’s nothing quite like seeing something old and broken being given a new lease of life. And Workshop Simulator lets you do that without any of the mess. It’s a very laid-back game, and so if you’re an adventure hunter you might want to give this a miss. But do check it out if you enjoy the likes of PowerWash Simulator, Lawn Mowing Simulator et al. It’s one of our new favourites.

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