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The Latest PlayStation 4 and 5 System Software Update Adds Some Handy Features

PlayStation 5 (1)

Got a PS4 or PS5? Then you might want to have a poke around to see whether the new System Software features are of any interest to you.

Rolled out today, the update will let you create open and closed parties, use voice commands to control your PlayStation 5 and more. No, backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 3 is still not a feature, but if you want to keep idiots out of your games, you’re in luck.

Open and closed parties, which were added to the System Software Beta Programme back in February, lets you stop anyone jumping into your matches just because they’re on your friends. Supposing an acquaintance has been sharing opinions that would make your racist great grandma wince – now you can block them from vomiting those views into your ears.

The latter feature is available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, PlayStation 5 owners now have access to voice commands that will let them “..open games, apps, and settings, as well as control media playback with their voice.” It’s a cool feature to have and, potentially, has accessibility uses.

The update also adds PS App and PS Remote Play enhancements and Sony have revealed they’ll later be adding VRR (variable refresh rate) support to the PlayStation 5 in the future, which should help reduce screen tearing and smooth out a few other potential graphical issues. You should be prompted to download the update next time you fire up your console, if it’s not already been uploaded in the background.

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