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The Quarry’s “Bizarre Yet Bonafide” Promotional Podcast is Absolutely Awful and We Love It

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“Bizarre Yet Bonafide”, a six-part podcast launched to promote the launch of The Quarry, is not what we expected and we couldn’t be happier.

Revealed last week, The Quarry is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn and, separate from Supermassive’s The Dark Pictures series, sees a group of camp counsellors trying to survive the night in the ominously named Hackett’s Quarry.

So, when Supermassive and publisher 2K Games released the first episode of Bizarre Yet Bonafide, we expected a po-faced scripted podcast, designed to paint backwoods New York state, where The Quarry takes place, as a supernatural nightmare.

Bizarre Yet Bonafide is, however, a gloriously silly take on investigative podcasts that channels the spirit of The Parapod. Grace and Anton, the show’s co-hosts, don’t figure into the game as far as we know, but they’re a joy to listen to, shoddy production values and all.

Grace is utterly enthusiastic about delving into the “supernatural”, to the point where she believes everything she hears. Anton, on the other hand, has been dragged in against his will and attempts to skewer Grace’s lack of scepticism by asking, for example, if a body was moved, where were the drag marks?

That said, it’s entirely possible that the podcast will take a sinister Blair Witch-style turn, but we laughed ourselves silly at the the back and forth between the two. The first episode, “The Woman in the Woods”, is out now, with a new episode arriving every Thursday. We could say more but, at just under eight minutes for the first episode, you’ve no reason not to fill your ears.

The Quarry will be released this June 10th on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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