The Sims 4’s Latest Update Gives Your Neighbours a New Dose of Independence

The Sims 4 Neighbourhood Stories

Life-sim The Sims 4 has a new update which, provided you don’t disable it, will make your neighbours lives a bit more interesting.

Neighborhood Stories may sound like a Sims 4 spin-off, but it’s a new feature that was added to the game all the way back in November. It gave Sims, the ones you don’t control, the ability to change their lives, for example by switching career or having a baby.

It sounds like a neat feature, but the catch was that the NPCs would always ring you to request you approve their proposed life change, which is more than a little needy. The latest update tweaks the Neighborhood Stories feature so that your neighbours can implement those changes themselves.

So NPCs who, despite the name of this feature, don’t actually have to live next door to you, could have a child, adopt a pet and so forth. They could, however, also die at work, so you could suddenly discover the Sim you’ve been inviting over for coffee and cake won’t be around any more.

Yes, you can modify settings to your hearts content, dictating exactly what level of autonomy each household has, but that rather seems like cheating. If you want your non-player Sims to be truly independent you should live with the possibility they’ll lose their heads in a tragic clothes peg factory accident.

The update is available right now on both PC and console.

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