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This Month, Lost Judgment’s The Kaito Files Sees the Ex-Yakuza Strike Out on His Own

Lost Judgment Kaito Files

Lost Judgment’s The Kaito Files is nearly here and we can’t wait to jump into the ex-Yakuza’s shoes.

Yes, Kaito is the muscle of the Yagami Detective Agency operation but he’s also an ex-Yakuza, with a past that, now and then, has a way of catching up with him. He’s also got the finest fashion sense of any Yakuza-series character. In short, he’s just the best.

If, at this point, you’re wondering what the hell we’re going on about, we’d recommend you check out our Lost Judgment review. Lost Judgment is a sequel to Judgment which was, in turn, a spin-off from Sega’s Yakuza series. As private detective Tak Yagami, with Kaito in tow, you’ve got to get to the bottom of a particularly bloody mystery, solving a few oddball side-cases as you go.

But in The Kaito Files, Yagami is nowhere to be seen, as he’s away from the office for a few weeks. In fact, since The Kaito Files is a stand-alone expansion, you don’t even need to have played the original game. Regardless, Kaito’s going to find himself knee-deep in trouble when someone turns up claiming to be his son. That’s where you come in.

The Kaito Files will be split over four chapters which, given how long the original’s were, means you should get a good few hours out of it. Sega promise you’ll “Challenge all-new bosses with Kaito’s unique combat styles, scour Kamurocho for new collectibles, and dive into Kaito’s past in this larger-than-life drama expansion..”

However, they don’t mention any actual side-quests so it may be that, without distractions, The Kaito Files will feel shorter than Lost Judgment. You can pick up The Kaito Files when it arrives on PlayStation and Xbox this March 28th. It’ll be free to those who purchased Lost Judgment’s Ultimate Edition or the Lost Judgment Season Pass, but $29.99 to everyone else.

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