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Turn Trash into Treasure in No Place Like Home, Out Now on PC

No Place Like Home

The amount of trash piles covering your newly-acquired farm in No Place Like Home is, frankly, overwhelming.

But there’s also something exciting about it too. I love games that let you ‘fix’ the environment, like how you slowly de-weed the old farm in Stardew Valley, or clear the land of gunk in The GunkNo Place Like Home, a farming simulator released today on PC, does the same but with great, hulking towers of trash.

You see, No Place Like Home is set some time in the future; a (hopefully) fictional future where humans have trashed Earth so much that they’ve abandoned it and gone to live on Mars. You’re supposed to be going, too, but first you decide to pay a visit to your grandfather’s farm – only to find him missing and the farm in ruins. And so begins your journey to restore it to its former glory – and hopefully find your missing grandfather.

Cleaning up No Place Like Home‘s trash is far from a chore thanks to the tools at your disposal. Your character, a girl called Ellen, comes equipped with a special backpack. With the push of a button, it can suck up any trash that lies in her way, storing it to be recycled later. And with the push of another, it can drill and attack, useful for getting through more rocky piles of waste and for seeing off pesky enemies out to cause trouble. And so, there’s fun to be had just in seeing those huge piles of rubbish disappearing.

Of course, that’s only the start of what No Place Like Home has to offer. This is a farming simulator, after all, so you can expect to plant crops, nurture animals, turn your produce into cooked dishes and preserves, and more. There’s also a wider world for you to explore, with animals to be rescued, missions to be completed and a story to work through.

We’ve spent a bit of time with No Place Like Home and, beyond the piles of trash, we’re intrigued to see where the game goes. Its controls are a little clunky – it has controller support but you’ll have to figure out the buttons for yourself – and with so many different mechanics at play, it takes a while to get used to everything. But there’s promise here, and the idea of turning a ruined wasteland into a gorgeous farm teeming with life definitely piques our interest.

It also looks as though the developer plans to continue supporting the game, with a roadmap laid out on Steam. Bug fixes will be constantly incoming, and a major fishing patch – introducing a new farm zone with ponds and challenges – will be coming in Q2 2022. And so, if farming simulators or games of that ilk are your sort of thing, No Place Like Home is worth checking out.

No Place Like Home is available now on PC.

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