What Difficulty Should You Play Young Souls On?

Young Souls

Wondering what difficulty you should play Young Souls on? Let us help you try to decide.

Available on PC and consoles, Youngs Souls combines side-scrolling brawler combat with the story and progression system of an RPG. The result is a game that’s rather enjoyable, although choosing what difficulty to play on is something you might want to put some consideration into. You see, Young Souls‘ combat can be fairly tricky, and so choosing between its four difficulties will have a big impact on your experience.

There are four difficulty levels to choose between in Young Souls: Relaxed, Balanced, Challenging and Expert. Relaxed is obviously the easiest, with Expert being the trickiest. Here’s what we think of each option:

  • RelaxedYoung Souls recommends ‘Relaxed’ difficulties for kids and those who want to take things easy. Personally, we think you should go for Relaxed if you’re not all that familiar with side-scrolling beat ’em ups. Young Souls is very heavily combat-focused, and if you’re not used to needing to chain combos, parry attacks and be on the ball with dodging, you might find it a little tricky.
  • Balanced: This is the ideal difficulty to play Young Souls on. It’s a good balance between easy and hard, with enemies hitting just the right amount. It’s still going to be very tough at times, and you’ll need to work at perfecting parries – and finding out the best equipment – to succeed.
  • Challenging: We’d only recommend playing Young Souls on Challenging difficulty if you consider yourself advanced at playing brawlers. On this difficulty, enemies will hit harder, taking off more of your HP. You’ll need to truly perfect your moves to get past some of the toughest boss fights here.
  • Expert: Finally, Expert difficulty is just as it says: only for experts. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment – or a trophy/achievement hunter – this probably isn’t for you.

There you have it. We’d recommend newcomers to go for either Relaxed or Balanced, with more advanced players choosing a higher difficulty. Thankfully,  you can change at any time by visiting the game’s options.

If you care about trophies or achievements, you’ll need to clear Young Souls on Expert mode. There are two difficulty related trophies: one for completing on at least Challenging mode, and one for finishing the game in Expert mode. Playing through on Expert mode should be enough to unlock both achievements/trophies.

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