Where to Find Tin Ore in Core Keeper

Core Keeper

In Core Keeper, ore is a very valuable resource – tin ore especially. But it’s not always easy to find. Here’s how to get tin ore in Core Keeper.

When you first start out in Core Keeper, you’ll likely want to gather as much ore as you can. It’s something you’ll need to craft just about anything useful. But early on, you’ll mostly encounter copper ore. That’s fine – copper equipment is useful. But to progress, you’re going to need tin ore. And it’s possibly nowhere to be found. So: where do you find tin ore in Core Keeper?

How to get Tin Ore in Core Keeper

You might stumble on the odd piece or two of tin ore as you explore Core Keeper. But to find the bulk of it, you’re going to need to look for a very specific area of the map: an area called Clay Caves. You’ll know when you first reach Clay Caves, as a message will pop up on screen. The ground is also a different colour; on the map it has a pinkish hue, as you can see in the image atop this article. The walls are also different, made of clay instead of dirt. And they’ll take longer to break through with a wooden or copper axe.

In the Clay Caves, most mineral deposits – shown by sparkling areas on your screen – will be tin. So once you find the Clay Caves, spend some time exploring and gather up as much tin as you can.

How to get to the Clay Caves

But how do you find the Clay Caves? That’s not a question we can answer, as every map is different thanks to Core Keeper‘s random nature. It’s usually quite a way away from your starting location, but it could be in any direction. For us, it was a few hours before we found it, but only because we’d chosen to explore in other areas first. Make a point of moving around and don’t keep travelling in one direction. You shouldn’t encounter anything too tricky on the way to it.

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