A Speedrunner Has Finished Elden Ring in Under Seven Minutes

Elden Ring Review

Speedrunner Distortion2 has beaten Elden Ring in under seven minutes.

We’ll let that sink in for a minute. We don’t know how much time you’ve put into FromSoftware’s latest but our current playtime – measured in hours – is in three digits. There’s just so much to do, so much to see that we’ve been afraid of missing out on something. Then there’s all the different character builds you can use, and so on.

But even if you’re not fussed about that, how can you beat Elden Ring that quickly? There’s items to acquire, bosses to murder and more. The answer is that Distortion2 doesn’t bother. The speedrunner, who’s been paring down their own record, uses glitches to skip massive chunks of the game.

So, yes, the run itself may have been under seven minutes but Distortion2 and the Elden Ring speedrunning community as a whole will have put in a significant amount of time into finding these glitches. For example, Distortion2 leaps off the edge of the pre-tutorial area and clips into Stormveil Castle.

On the one hand, exploiting these glitches feels like cheating. But on the other, you have to admire the sheer skill (and collective knowledge) it takes to pull these runs off. Who knows, give it a week and Distortion2 could have it down to five minutes.