An Easter Egg Hunt Has Landed in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Easter Egg Hunt

For one week only, Core Keeper is hosting an Easter-themed egg hunt.

Just in case you didn’t have enough reason to play the excellent early access sandbox adventure game Core Keeper, you’ve currently got one more. To celebrate Easter, players can currently jump into a Great Egg Hunt. It’s happening from today until 19th April.

And what does this Great Egg Hunt entail? Well… it’s all about hunting eggs. Of course. Colourful Easter eggs have been hidden throughout Core Keeper‘s world. Players will gather them up, and when they’ve got enough, they can be used to craft a special item: the Golden Egg.

That Golden Egg will then be permanently available in the game, for players to use as a display piece in their home. But it’s more than just a trophy – it has a special, hidden purpose. But we can’t tell you what it is. We don’t know what it is ourselves. It’s up to players to experiment with “alternative uses”. Find the secrets that the Golden Egg is hiding, and you’ll unlock hidden bonuses.

Colour us intrigued…

This marks the first ever in-game event in Core Keeper, but it won’t be the last. “This is just one of many new ideas we’ve had since the start of our journey,” says Pugstorm’s CEO and animator, Sven Thole. “We hope everyone enjoys the hunt to craft the Golden Egg!”

It’s all good fun, and it’s a very good reason to jump into Core Keeper this week. We’re really impressed with what developer Pugstorm has created so far (you can read our thoughts here), and the fact that the team continues to enhance the experience in such creative ways is a real bonus. So: happy Easter, and enjoy hunting for those eggs.

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