Borderlands and Ballantine’s Have Teamed Up to Bring Us Moxxi’s Scotch Whisky

Ballatine's Moxxi

A video game and alcohol crossover may seem a little bizarre, but it’s 2022, and the world is bizarre.

Ballantine’s has teamed up with 2K to bring us a Borderlands-themed Scotch whisky. More specifically, a Moxxi’s themed Scotch whisky. The whisky itself is Ballantine’s 40% proof blended Scotch, repackaged in a Borderlands-themed bottle, complete with Mad Moxxi’s face. If you’re a Borderlands fan who enjoys drinking whisky, it’s the perfect crossover. For the rest of us? It’s a little weird. But we’re down with it. Whatever.

Ballantine’s x Moxxi’s Bar Edition is, naturally, a limited-edition whisky, available from today in “selected retailers”. We’re not exactly sure how limited or what retailers you’re likely to find it on. The official Twitter account set up to promote the whisky – @MoxxisFinest – says to “stay tuned” for links to buy. So if you’re interested, keep an eye on Twitter.

Along with the drink itself, Moxxi is also starring in a “drink responsibly” ad – slightly out of character for her, but we imagine drinking rules on Earth are rather different than on Pandora. You can watch the two-minute long ad below, which also stars everyone’s favourite uni-wheeled robot, Claptrap.

Each bottle of Ballantine’s x Moxxi’s Bar Edition also includes a QR code providing access to limited Borderlands 3 content. So if you’re still a player, that might be an incentive to seek one out.

This is apparently only the “first step” in a long-running partnership between Ballantine’s and Borderlands, so more Pandora-flavoured whisky drinks may be on their way. Cheers, everyone!