Can You Reset the Skill Tree in Forgive Me Father?

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As you make your way through Forgive Me Father you’ll level up and earn skill points, which can then be used to develop your character via a skill tree.

A wide range of skills are available in Forgive Me Father, allowing you to develop your character how you see fit. You might decide to prioritise increasing the amount of ammo you can hold, for example, or develop your favourite weapon to make it more capable of killing enemies. And so, you might be wondering if you can reset the skill tree so that you can redistribute your points if you’re not happy with the choices you’ve made.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. At this moment in time, there’s no way to reset the skill tree in Forgive Me Father other than deleting your save and starting the game from scratch.

It’s particularly disappointing considering that the game’s skill tree has a number of branching paths. You might be forced to decide between a health and weapon upgrade, for example, with the one you don’t choose then being locked out. Sure it makes you think long and hard about your skill tree choices, but mistakes can easily be made.

So, there’s currently no way to reset the skill tree in Forgive Me Father. But who knows, it may be changed in a future update if many players express their displeasure about it.

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