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Chase Creepy Cryptids in Mothmen 1966, a Pulp Visual Novel Coming this July

Mothmen 1966

Mothmen 1996, an eerie visual novel with an 8-bit aesthetic, is set for a July release.

We first got wind of this cryptozoology-related outing last year and, tackling a brief demo of the game, came away suitably intrigued. Even before we ran into anything eerie, we were grinning at how obviously strained the two main characters’ relationship was. That, in turn, had us intrigued as to whether Mothmen 1966’s characters can be trusted to have each others’ backs.

Now, developer LCB Game Studio and Chorus Worldwide Games have revealed that the game, which they dub “pixel pulp” will be arriving this July, arriving on PC and consoles. The legendary “Mothman” won’t be the only oddity you encounter,  nor will you just be playing as the couple of on the verge of breakup. You’ll also get to step into the shoes of a gas station owner and a private investigator who gives us a big “Men in Black” vibe.

One curiosity, cryptids aside, is that, according to LCB, “Choices leading to death only provide a temporary setback.” We’re curious to see how they’ll undo having your throat torn out by a spider-legged coyote or whatever creatures it throws at you. You can find out when Mothmen 1966 flaps its way onto PlayStation, Xbox and PC (via Steam) this July 14th.


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