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Chicken Police on PS5 is a Noir Thriller Worth Delving Into

Chicken Police

We reviewed Chicken Police when it launched on PC back in 2020. Now, it’s available on PS5 – and it’s more immersive than ever.

It’s easy to dismiss Chicken Police – a game literally about chickens who are police officers – as nothing more than that; an anthropomorphic gimmick. But look beyond the bizarre – yet strangely wonderful – animations and you’ll find a captivating story absolutely dripping with intrigue and atmosphere. This is a grown-up tale of lies, corruption and deceit. It just so happens that it’s set in a world where humans don’t exist.

Sonny Featherland, the cop-turned-private detective under your control, has been approached to get involved in a bizarre case. The owner of a nightclub has been getting threats, and it’s making her uncomfortable. But she’s also the wife of one of the town’s most notorious characters. And when a dead body turns up in her ‘weekend house’, you know you’re involved in something big.

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Like a typical point and click adventure, you’ll spend your time with Chicken Police exploring environments, talking to characters and gathering clues. Interrogating witnesses and suspects plays a big part in the game, and figuring out the right questions to ask will shape how successful a detective you are. You’ll also need to solve more traditional puzzles, like cracking a code to access a safe, and figuring out which pieces of information you’ve gathered are actually useful. If you don’t know what to do next, chances are you’ve missed a clue somewhere.

Exploring the world of Chicken Police is a joy thanks to how rich everything feels. It’s presented almost entirely in black and white, nailing the ‘noir’ effect spectacularly. The character animations – a unique mix of CGI and photography – are particularly striking, if not a little unsettling. It’s not very often you see a provocative dancer with the head of a cat, after all. But the fact that every character is fully voiced – and to a high standard – means Chicken Police is deeply engaging. It’s very easy to sink into its dark, intriguing world. Its characters may have the heads of animals, but they’re no less believable.

On PlayStation 5, though, this is a game that truly shines, and for one key reason: its use of the DualSense functionality is second to none. Practically every feature has been utilised, from resistance in the triggers to the speaker. Step outside when it’s raining, and you’ll feel (and hear) the pitter-patter of every raindrop. Speak to someone on the phone, and their voice will come out of your controller rather than your TV speaker. Even actions like turning a page in your notebook are felt through the controller. Developer The Wild Gentlemen really has done a fantastic job of highlighting just how impactful DualSense implementation can be in a game.

But even without the exclusive PS5 features taking Chicken Police to the next level, this is a charming game worth jumping into in its own right. It’s incredibly polished, and tells a story that will get its claws in you right from the start. For fans of mystery games, thrillers and point and click adventures, you’ll find something rather special here.

Chicken Police is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch and PC.

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