Cozy Witch-Em-Up Wylde Flowers is Flying Over to Nintendo Switch and PC

Wylde Flowers

After debuting on Apple Arcade, Wylde Flowers is set to cast its spell on the PC and Nintendo Switch.

At least, that’s what developer Studio Drydock will be hoping for. We have to admit that Wylde Flowers looks pretty adorable, offering a witchy spin on the now well-established life sim genre. It casts you as Tara, a witch-in-training who moves to a rural island to help out with her grandma’s farm.

Aside from growing your farm and flying around on a broomstick you can find romance and investigate the story of the village itself. Potion brewing is also in there, though we’re curious to see how that ties into the story. We’ve played more than a few games where you use potions to solve people’s problems, and we’re beginning to suspect that, in some of those cases, our actions were a little suspect. Love potions, in particular, seem very, very dodgy now we think about it.

Will Wydle Flowers tackle this ethical minefield? Probably not, but it looks like it could be a chill little experience, particularly if you grew up with the likes of The Worst Witch. What’s curious about Wylde Flowers, witchery aside, is that the characters themselves are, apparently, fully voiced; a lot of life sims lean towards text-based interactions.


You can put on your pointed hat when Wylde Flowers arrives on Nintendo Switch and PC later this year. In the meantime, you can wishlist it on Steam and spend the intervening time wondering what those creepy robed figures are up to.