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Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Patch Notes: Version 1.3.0 Brings New Game+ And More

Good news for those of us who have already completed Dying Light 2: the latest patch brings a great reason to jump back in.

Version 1.3.0 of Dying Light 2, which is available now, addresses a range of bugs and updates. But there’s one new feature we’re most interested in: New Game+ mode.

Dying Light 2‘s New Game+ mode gives players a reason to jump back in even after they’ve finished the game’s main campaign. The second time around, players can enjoy modified game parameters and new mechanisms. Enemies will behave differently, for example, and encounters will be tougher. You’ll even be able to find new objects in the world.

So if you’ve been looking for a reason to play again, looks like Techland has just given it to you. And that’s not all that’s new in Dying Light 2 patch 1.3.0. You can read the full Dying Light 2 patch notes by clicking here, but we’ve rounded up the key updates below:

Dying Light 2 Patch Notes: Key Updates

  • New Game+ mode
  • 30 new inhibitors
  • New platinum objectives for parkour challenges
  • A new legendary weapon tier added
  • Gold encounters added
  • Updated distribution of the enemies – i.e. Volatiles and Banshee spawn during the night, a wider variety of enemy pools in encounters
  • Enemy difficulty scales with the player level
  • Fixed connection and stability issues in co-op, and improved game performance
  • Mutated Infected – New quest added: Something Big Has Been Here, which includes special elemental Goon variants
  • Enemies with bows are less annoying — decreased damage output
  • Completed achievements are correctly awarded upon completion. This works for the achievements that were obtained before the update as well
  • Fixed the Virals patrol movement in GRE facilities
  • Added FOV slider on PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X
  • Improved UI textures optimization
  • Fixed tutorial window display
  • Aiden should no longer T-pose in the main menu
  • Minor changes to PC key bindings
  • Improved the stability of frame rate in various places on the map
  • Fixed multiple bugs that allowed players to see and fall outside map texture

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