Elden Ring’s Latest Patch Makes One of its Toughest Bosses Even Tougher

Elden Ring Patch Notes

Well, Elden Ring players, we have bad news and good news. The bad news is that the latest patch, out today, makes Starscourge Radahn even tougher.

The good news is that the patch is undoing a “bug” that was introduced by a previous patch, making several of this massive boss’s attacks weaker than the should be. So, in effect, he’s tougher than he was a few days ago, but not tougher than he’s ever been.

But if, like us, you were fighting Starscourge Radahn and his tiny, tiny horse this weekend, and found him to be pretty tough, even with assistance from a certain wolf-faced badass, you could be in for a shock. We haven’t daren’t gone back yet, we’re too busy being murdered by tiny gnomes, but we’re really not looking forward to it.

Still, at least we’ll have our own horse, a few ghost wolves and nine bottles of health potion to help us out. And yes, we’re giving serious consideration to unplugging the Wi-Fi, just in case the patch hasn’t yet dropped but that wouldn’t be sporting… would it?

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