Horizon Forbidden West’s Latest Loot-Friendly Patch Turns Aloy into a Living Vacuum

Horizon Forbidden West Photo mode 20220128192055

Brought your lunch to work? Better keep an eye on it, we wouldn’t put it past Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy to just dash past and scoop it up.

Sure, this post-apocalyptic, robosaur-murdering open-world game already has you, as protagonist Aloy, filling her pockets with more machine parts and plant material than she should rightly be able to carry. But Horizon Forbidden West’s 1.09 patch add a setting that turns her into a whirlwind of lootery.

As noted by Reddit (and spotted by GamesRadar), if you go to Forbidden West’s settings menu, you’ll see – on the general tab – a “pickup animation” setting. It’s on by default but if you turn it off, instead of bending to collect items, hitting the triangle button will just teleport the items into Aloy’s inventory.

Downed machines are notable exception – you’ll still have to hold down the triangle button and take whichever items you want from the mechanical corpse. We’ve been playing with this setting off ever since we heard about it and honestly, we don’t miss the old animation. Yes, it was cool to watch a few times but being able to hoover up loot is well worth the trade-off.

Could this be a useful setting for speed-runners? Possibly. We suspect, however, that speed-runners will dash through the game trying to avoid as many enemy encounters as possible so upgrades and herbal healing won’t necessarily be on their menu.

If you’ve not played Horizon Forbidden West (available on PS4 and PS5) it’s a fantastic game, even though it’s been somewhat overshadowed by Elden Ring. You can read our review here and, if you need a hand, check out our guides here.

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