How to Save Your Game in Forgive Me Father

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Horror FPS Forgive Me Father takes inspiration from the classics, resulting in a game that’s refreshingly focused and rather challenging.

Though you’ll find that unlike most first-person shooters available, it’s save game system is rather limited. You can’t simply pause the game and save whenever you want, for example. There’s not even a button you can press to quicksave. So just how do you save your game in Forgive Me Father?

To save your game in Forgive Me Father you need to find a save point. In this case, it’s a jolly-looking homeless man sat at the side of some kind of monolith. You’ll find at least one of them in each level, and by interacting them you’re able to save your game.

Just tap E (or the X button if you’re playing with an Xbox controller) to overwrite your quicksave slot, or if you’d like to properly save your game, hold E to be taken to a list of manual save slots. From there, you can either create a new save or overwrite an old one.

It’s worth saving your progress whenever you can in Forgive Me Father, as the challenging nature of the game means death can come quickly. Though remember, things like the amount of health you have left will be saved, so be careful overwriting slots if your health is very low.

One last thing: if you jump into a level via the level select option, you can’t save your progress. So be careful!

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