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Kapital: Sparks of Revolution

Kapital: Sparks of Revolution is a City Builder With a Dissent-Crushing Twist

Ever wanted to build a better world? Or, at least, a better city? Kapital: Sparks of Revolution. coming to PC, invites you to do just that, but there’s a catch.

Set after World War I, you’re in charge of putting things back together again, creating a metropolis that not only gives people a roof of their heads but actually ensures they’re looking after in other respects. You’ll need to think about healthcare, employment, gunning down crowds of protestors and..

Oh, yeah, there’s that. In games like Cities: Skylines, the worst that could happen if you don’t keep the people happy is that they vote with their feet and move to another town. In Kapital, they could turn up at your office with flaming torches and a portable guillotine. You, however, can take action first and crush their insolent demands for “living standards”.

Yes, Kapital sounds hugely, hugely unethical. We suspect the issue will be finding a balance between being a fair leader and crushing protests through force, though whether it’s “winning” when a chunk of your populace is relentlessly miserable is debateable.

Developer Lapovich Team and publisher 1C Entertainment haven’t revealed an awful lot else about the game but, with Kapital: Sparks of Revolution arriving on PC via Steam this April 22nd, it won’t be long before you can throw your ethics to the wind.

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