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ORX Combines Deckbuilding and Tower Defence to Great Effect

What do you do when you see a horde of angry green orcs charging towards your precious castle?

My gut reaction? Panic! But not in ORX. This tough tower defence game, coming soon to PC, requires you to think carefully and strategically. By playing the cards in your hand, you can build defensive castles, piece by piece, in order to protect your kingdom. And by placing armies, farms, paths and more, you can hopefully outwit the incoming enemies by ensuring you’re strong enough to take them on.

ORX combines tower defence, city building, deckbuilding and strategy, and the result is a tense and fast-paced experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Piecing together your stronghold may be calming – but once the sun sets and those orcs begin to swarm in, you better be prepared. If not? It’s game over.

You’ll need to carefully think about where to place each element of your kingdom – determined by which cards are in your hand. Castles come in parts, you see, and you’ll need to connect castle walls together in order to create a complete fortress. If you do, you’ll create an automatic defence against incoming armies, one which can be upgraded with other cards from your hand.


Along with placing parts of your kingdom, your completed castles and armies can be buffed by adding extra attack power, extra health and more – providing you have those cards in your hand, of course. You can keep expanding your kingdom and buffing your troops even during an invasion, but the best plan of action is to be ready before they arrive. Easier said than done? Maybe; it’ll likely take you a few failed attempts before you truly get to grips with ORX.

But that’s part of the fun. This is a great-looking game, with a dark but cartoonish art style, accompanied by a tense and dramatic sound track that really sets the scene of the battle.

If ORX sounds like your sort of thing, there’s a free demo available now on Steam. And we’d highly recommend giving it a go, particularly if you enjoy tower defence games. This is a great twist on the genre, and it works surprisingly well with deckbuilding mechanics. We’ve only seen a fraction of what the full release of ORX has to offer, but it promises over 300 cards – that’s a lot of twists and turns waiting for us in battle – along with multiple factions.

ORX is scheduled to release later this year, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the full release. It’ll be available on PC via Steam – where you can download the demo right now.

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