Peter Parker Goes Mario Karting in this Brilliant Mash-Up Video

Mario Kart Spider-Man

It’s a-me, Peter Parker! Well, Toby Maguire, technically, but this mash-up of Mario Kart Wii and Spider-Man 2 is a lot of fun.

It sees the superpowered Parker, in his guise as Pizza Delivery Man, running into a little trouble while scootering around one of Mario Kart’s circuits. A back-flip saves him from a Bullet Bill-induced death and it just gets better from there.

Surprisingly, the video – which is the work of YouTuber Contendo – isn’t the only such video to arrive this month. Another YouTube, Chiptuner has produced a similar mash-up, which also features Spider-Man 3’s infamous Bully Maguire getting a look in. Great minds think alike.

Should you watch both videos? Absolutely. But if we had to choose a favourite, we’d go for Contendo’s video, which you can see below. It is true that Chiptuner’s has more characters, including an appearance from the MCU’s Spider-Man, with Ned in tow, which is pretty cool.

But for us, what really makes Contendo’s shine is the unexpected appearance of a certain character as Luigi. Luigi is known for his racing skills and horrifying death stare but the “new” Luigi is a hundred times more intimidating. And believe us, this Luigi is going to make sure you pay.