Razer is Releasing a Limited Edition Sonic the Hedgehog Wireless Xbox Controller

Sonic Xbox Controller

Razer have announced that it’s releasing a limited edition wireless Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox Controller.

The hardware manufacturer hasn’t specified how “limited” it actually is – there could be six warehouses full waiting to go – but we have to admit it looks very, very cool. The controller is bundled with a matching charge stand which should charge the controller within three hours.

The controller will be compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Android and iOS. It’ll also sport texture grips and “impulse analog triggers”, though whether the latter are any better than the official Xbox controller’s triggers remains to be seen.

The controller isn’t yet available, but you can submit your email to Razer’s online store and you’ll be notified when it is. The advertised price is $199.99, which seems ludicrously high given that the controller doesn’t support any of the additional bells and whistles that the Xbox Elite or Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller have.

However, we’re hoping that the sky-high price is in fact just a place holder, and that it’ll be reduced to a more reasonable price when it’s actually available (there’s no release date as yet). In the mean time, you can feast your eyes on the controller here.