Saints Row Allows For Insane Customisation

Saints Row HQ_Customization-02

With the latest game in the Saints Row series now just months away, developer Volition has taken time to show off some of its customisation options.

Anyone familiar with the Saints Row series will know that customisation has always been pretty big in it. It’s safe to say, however, that the upcoming Saints Row will give you the ultimate freedom to express yourself.

Saints Row Character Customisation

It all starts with your character. While eight presets will be available, you’ll most likely want to use them as a springboard, creating your own fully-personalised criminal mastermind. You’ll be able to change your character’s build, voice and even their skin. If you want to be old and leathery you can do that, or you can make your character look like they’re the personification of deep space. Whatever works for you. Even prosthetic limbs are available.

It’s also up to you if you leave them naked, but you’ll probably want to dress them. You’ll be able to adorn your character with shirts, jackets, trousers, underwear and even socks. You can layer clothing too, and change its material and colour. If you’d like to be co-ordinated or a little more humorous, outfits will also be available. And did we mention that you can seemingly incorporate a wingsuit into your set-up, allowing you to glide when at great heights?

Hair is something you can customise in more detail than ever, too. No longer does it have to be just one colour; you can apply colours to various parts of your hair if you’d like, and even have different-coloured facial hair. But perhaps what’s moist exciting about character customisation in Saints Row is that for the first time your face doesn’t have to be symmetrical. You’re free to shape each side of your face how you see fit, so you can create a real monstrosity if you’d like, or simply get creative with makeup.

Saints Row character_tattoo_face_extreme_female_night


Next up, vehicles. There will be 80 vehicles to collect in Saints Row, and each one of those will also have numerous presets which can substantially change how they look. But visit a ‘Jim Robs’ store and you’ll find that you can tweak any vehicle to your heart’s desire. Individual side panels can be changed, you can modify engines and you can even soup up your wheels. You can spend hours tweaking various aspects to make your vehicles truly unique.

Three vehicle customisation options have piqued our interest in particular. Nitrous will allow you to boost like you’re on the set of Fast & Furious, while the off-road kit will allow you to make the most of Saints Row’s modern wild west setting. And then there’s the towing cable: simply attack it to another vehicle or object, and then you can take it with you. Vehicle abilities will be available too, such as an ejector seat which works great when paired up with a wingsuit, and a wrecking ball for when you want to cause mass destruction.

Saints Row customisation Frying_Dutchman-01a


We’re moving onto weapon customisation now, and this is where Saints Row looks like it’ll provide a hell of a lot of fun. You’ll be able to customise many parts of your weapons, such as the stock, barrel, etc. Their colour and material will be down to you, and you can even adorn them with decals. More exciting though, is the fact that you can change their models. So, if you want a shotgun that looks like a guitar case, you can do that. Or you can make pistols that look like foam hands. And like vehicles, they also seem to have various abilities you can unlock.

And what would a Saints Row game be without a base to call your home? In this case it’s a church that you’ll develop over time. You can change its interior, of course, and choose to place collectables at selected spots. Even better, it’s functional – you’ll be able to customise your character, weapons and vehicles there, as well as the appearance of your crew. And on the second floor is the War Map. Interact with it, and you’ll be able to see your options when it comes to expanding your criminal empire.

Needless to say, customisation is at the heart of Saints Row. And with what we’ve seen, it looks absolutely fantastic. We can’t wait to create our very own crime lord with a ridiculous sense of style, and equip them with outlandish weapons and souped-up rides.

Saints Row looks like it’s going to be a blast, taking the series to new territory while maintaining the silly sense of humour and over-the-top action that it’s known and loved for. August 23rd can’t come fast enough, and the best news is that you’ll be able to create your character before the game launches. Look out for more on that soon.

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