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Survival Game Green Hell VR Crash Lands on Quest 2 This Week

Green Hell VR

Green Hell VR, arriving on Oculus/Meta Quest 2 this week, strands you in the jungle and tasks you with doing whatever it takes to survive.

Like the vanilla version of Green Hell, which we called “..a thoroughly engaging survival outing,” there’s an actual story, but living long enough to experience it will be a challenge. There’s a Steam VR arriving in May but the Quest 2 version comes out this April 7th, requiring a Quest 2 headset and nothing else.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. We’d also recommend a strong stomach because the original Green Hell didn’t pull its punches. Within a few hours of playing we were crafting needles out of fish bones and using them to carve worms out of our arms. Yes, it’s as horrific as it sounds; now imagine that in VR.

Going by the trailer, the Quest 2 version won’t be quite as pretty as the original PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC versions, but we suspect you’ll be so busy building shelters and bandaging your wounds that you won’t notice. Invuco, that developer that’s handling this VR version  have emphasised that this isn’t a simple port and that the world will be even more interactive than in Creepy Jar’s original.

You can pre-order Green Hell VR right now, from the Meta Quest store (Meta is the new name for Oculus) here.

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