3LEGO City Undercover

One of the few LEGO Games from Traveller’s Tales without some kind of franchise attached to it, LEGO City Undercover is, without a doubt, one of the best LEGO games on PS4 and PS5. It’s essentially the family-friendly answer to the Grand Theft Auto series; a vast open-world game that sees you take on the role of LEGO City police officer, Chase McCain.

There’s a substantial story to follow, putting you in the shoes of Chase McCain as he tackles the bad guys littering the otherwise pristine streets of LEGO City. But the true joy of LEGO City Undercover is in exploring the world, finding secrets, and completing side quests and missions. Whether it’s helping a civilian find a lost item, taking part in a high-octane car race or chasing down some no-good criminal, there’s tens of hours of fun to be had.

Sure, it might not have the language and violence of Grand Theft Auto, but it’s a heck of a lot more fun in our opinion. The world’s a joy to explore, and it’s packed with the trademark humour that TT Games has become known for.

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