1Got a PS5? Then You Need to Play These Platformers

Sackboy A Big Adventure (1)

Platforming games have been around nearly as long as video games themselves.

One of the most popular genres, there have been hundreds – if not thousands – of excellent platformer games in the last 30 years. The genre’s popularity may have been driven by Mario and Sonic, but they’re far from the only platforming heroes out there. Over time, plenty of other platform games have carved their own path. Even today, PS5 has its fair share of the best platformer games. But what are they?

Well, they come in all shapes and sizes. Platformer games can be side-scrolling, or they can be 3D, set in a huge open world. No matter what type of platformer game you prefer, hopefully there’s one you’ll enjoy on PS5. Read on to see our picks of the best platformer games on PS5, all available to play right now, and all with native PS5 versions.

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