The Spirit and the Mouse is Scurrying Onto Nintendo Switch Later This Year

The Spirit and the Mouse 1

The Spirit and the Mouse, an adorable-looking adventure that casts you as an mouse with strange electrical powers, is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Shocking development jokes aside, The Spirit and the Mouse was announced for PC last year and we wouldn’t be surprised if, Switch aside, it also ended up gracing the Xbox and PlayStation. It casts you as a Lila, a mouse – a proper mouse, mind you, none of these anthromorphic creatures – who uses her newly acquired powers to assist the inhabitants of a small French village.

No, there’s no plotting to take over the world here, it’s all wholesome problem-solving, courtesy of Lila’s powers. She’s the polar opposite of the electrical gremlin from Gremlins 2, though we’re still going to keep her clear of water, just in case.

To mark the announcement of the Switch version, developer Alblune and publisher Armor Games Studios has put out a new trailer, showing a little more of the game in action. Aside from showing off the electrical spirits that assist you, the trailer also has Lila using her electrical powers to solve puzzles and clean up litter by shocking the cans into a bin (take that, Gordon Freeman).

While the Spirit and the Mouse doesn’t have a solid release as yet, it’s pencilled in for a late 2022 release. In the meantime, you can check out the new trailer above or wishlist it on Steam here.