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Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack

The Wetlands Animal Pack Diversifies Planet Zoo More Than Ever

Planet Zoo by name, planet zoo by nature.

As the name suggests, Planet Zoo is all about bringing animals from around the world together in one zoo. With each new Animal Pack DLC, the range of animals available in the game gets greater, and the latest – Wetlands Animal Pack – might be one of our favourite yet. Because who doesn’t love a capybara?

The ninth paid DLC to come to Planet Zoo takes us to the wetlands, and brings eight new animals into the game. Alongside the adorable capybara, there’s the platypus, small-clawed otter, spectacled caiman, Nile lechwe, wild water buffalo, red-crowned crane and the Danube crested newt. As always, you can add these animals to your existing zoos, or create a brand new wetlands-based attraction specifically to show off these species. The Wetlands DLC also includes a brand new timed challenge set in Brazil’s Pantanal region. Head there, and you’ll find the bones of a zoo ready for you to expand upon.

We had a lot of fun diving into the timed challenge. The zoo is completely devoid of animals when you start, allowing you to adopt the species that you want, moving them into habitats that are almost ready. Of course, the focus here is on the species new to the Wetlands Animal Pack. Complete the fence of a reserve, and adopt some capybaras. And move some otters into the perfect water-based habitat designed especially for them. And don’t forget everything else that goes along with zoo management: janitors, vet care, keepers. It’s all down to you.

Planet Zoo‘s new Wetlands Animal Pack also adds various new enrichments aimed at the new species. There’s a hot water tap, perfect for capybaras to bathe under. There’s also new underwater feeders, underwater buoys and a natural water jet to cater for your new water-based friends.

Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack

As always, a free update has accompanied the Wetlands DLC. So even if you don’t want to purchase the DLC, you’ll benefit from new content in the base game. Roaming Educators have been added, meaning your Educator staff can now wander around the park, holding short talks about nearby animals or interesting conservation topics. There’s also a new ‘Explore’ camera mode, allowing you to essentially walk around the zoo like a guest.

Extra customisation has been implemented to water-based exhibits, allowing you to add mist and bubble effects. And meerkats and prairie dogs can now access a small version of the burrow. That’s alongside various other changes, and a whole lot of bug fixes. You can read the full patch notes by clicking here.

If you’re an avid Planet Zoo player, the Wetlands Animal Pack is well worth picking up. The eight animals it adds to the game are simply delightful, making the game’s range of species more diverse than ever. You can see each species in action in the launch trailer below.

Planet Zoo is available now on PC. The Wetlands Animal Pack is available as a separate purchase, priced at £7.99/$9.99.

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