This Mash-Up Video Puts The Evil Dead’s Ash in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Ash Williams

Who needs Resident Evil Village’s Ethan Winters when you’ve got Ash “Army of Darkness” Williams?

At least, that’s the angle that YouTuber eli_handle_b․wav took when mashing up the star of Sam Raimi’s deadite franchise with Resident Evil Village. The result, it has to be said, is really something. So much so, in fact, that we’d pay good money for a Bruce Campbell-voiced expansion, in the vein of Bulletstorm’s Duke Nukem add-on.

Using footage from the various Evil Dead movies (they’ve not mined the later Ash vs Evil Dead series), eli_handle_b․wav has Ash freaking out at House Beneviento’s dolls and the.. well, we won’t spoil it if you’ve not played the game. He also takes on Heisenberg with the help of a little cutting-edge technology and gets covered in an awful lot of fish vomit.

But the absolute highlight has to be Ash flirting with lofty vampiress Lady Dimitrescu. Anyone who’s played the game knows that’s likely to go very, very, badly for our “hero”. Sadly, there’s no pay-off in the video so we’ll just have to imagine the running and screaming that ensued.

You can check out the video above, and see eli_handle_b․wav’s other work here, which includes a different Heisenberg roaming around Half-Life 2’s City 17.

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