Turbo Golf Racing’s Cross-Platform Beta Tees Off Next Week

Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing has a cross-platform beta arriving next week, which raises two important the questions.

The first question is, “Didn’t you already use ‘tee off’ in a headline last week?” The answer is yes, we did. But with two golf-based, genre-blending games announced this month, we’re struggling to keep the two (Turbo Golf Racing and Golf Gang) mentally partitioned, so give us a little leeway here.

The second question is, “How do you get into the cross-platform beta?” Firstly, you’ll need an Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC. On the PC, you can request access via the Steam Store page here, or download the Xbox Insider App and register your interest via the latter’s preview page. On the Xbox, it’s the Xbox Insider App or nothing.

Developer Hugecalf Studios hasn’t stated that the beta is limited to a specific number of applicants, though it may well be that they’ll be admitting people in waves. The beta incarnation of Turbo Golf Racing, which is free, runs from April 28th (04.00 PDT / 12.00 BST / 13.00 CEST) to May 2nd (04.00 PDT / 12.00 BST / 13.00 CEST).

Turbo Golf Racing looks for all the world like a mash-up of golf and Rocket League so if the latter made you grin, it could be well worth checking out. It’ll feature 12 playable courses and more; you’ll be able to earn bonus items which carry over the final release of the game, but your overall progress will remain with the beta.

Turbo Golf Racing will launch later in 2022, arriving on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC/Xbox Game Pass. 

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