Two Point Campus’s Wizardry Course Promises to be Magic

Two Point Campus Wizardry

Upcoming university sim Two Point Campus has unveiled its Wizardry course and we couldn’t be happier.

Why? Because we’ve got fond memories of, shall way say, certain series of books, set at a similar magical establishment. The books in question feature a spell-wielding protagonist and their two sidekicks as well as kindly headteacher and a stern potions teacher. Can you guess which series we’re talking about?

Yes, it is, of course, Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch, written fifteen years before J.K. Rowling put pen to paper. And, going by Two Point Campus’s new Wizardry trailer, you’ll be able to subject your students to a Miss Hardbroom-style regime. The more they study, the more powerful they’ll become, which is definitely not going to bite you in the black-clad bottom.

There’ll also be some less orthodox shenanigans, such as magical duels and, according to developer Two Point Studios, the “..occasional ancient curse and nefarious enemy looming about.” Sure, that sounds a little dangerous, but it’s still a step up from having an actual murder tree on the premises.

Wizardry is just one of several courses featured in Two Point Campus, the follow up to Two Point HospitalIt’s set for an August 9th release, coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PC and Xbox/PC Game Pass.

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