Village Renovating Life Sim My Time at Sandrock Enters Early Access This May

My Time at Sandrock

We’re pretty excited to learn that My Time at Sandrock, a follow-up to My Time at Portia, is hitting PC Early Access this May.

True, we were briefly disappointed to learn it wasn’t My Time at Fraggle Rock, but we got so much joy out of My Time at Portia we’re looking forward to diving into developer Pathea Games’ latest. We reviewed the former back in 2019, saying that “It might seem just like any other farming sim at first glance, but the more you play the more you’ll discover its unique story and engaging gameplay elements.”

So, fingers crossed, My Time at Sandrock should be just as engaging if not more so. This time around you’re charged with breathing new life into a waning village, and will be able to choose whether to “..become a social butterfly by increasing community and friendship traits, or get increased production yield from construction talents. ”

In other words, it’s up to you whether you let the villagers talk your ears off or just nod politely and get on with the serious business of reconstruction and mining. One problem with My Time at Portia was that it forced you to do an awful lot of mining at the beginning of the game. We hope this means that Pathea Games has solved that little issue.

My Time at Sandrock’s Early Access incarnation arrives on PC this May 26, 2022, via the Steam Store and the Epic Games Store.