What Difficulty Should You Play Forgive Me Father On?

Forgive Me Father review 2 (1)

Inspired by first-person shooters of the past, Forgive Me Father can be very challenging.

Like in most games, when you begin playing Forgive Me Father you’ll be asked to select a difficulty. There are five options to choose from: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. The question is, what difficulty should you select?

For most players, Easy or Normal should prove to be the best choices. Forgive Me Father is manageable on these difficulties, but not a walk in the park. Players will need to manage ammo for their weapons, invest skill points effectively, and be selective with their targets. Death comes quickly, but players have a decent chance of staving it off to succeed.

For those who just want to enjoy the story of Forgive Me Father, however, then Very Easy is perhaps the best choice. It’s still not the walkover that some games are on their easiest setting, but it’s not all that challenging.

Hard and Expert modes are truly for those who want to test their skills, or punish themselves. They’re meant for those who really want to a challenge, and are perhaps best suited to those playing through the game for a second or third time.

We should note though, that the difficulty can be changed at any time by going into the options menu. So, simply start on the difficulty that sounds right for you, then adjust where necessary. There’s no need to struggle, or move through the game with zero challenge whatsoever.

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