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If you’ve got friends around, sometimes there’s nothing finer than playing a four-player split screen game.

While playing split-screen was all the rage in the 90s, it’s fallen out of favour a little bit. But there are still games out there that let us share our TV screens with our friends. We’ve rounded up the best four-player split screens games on PS4 right here. And so whatever genre of game you’re into, hopefully you’ll find something you enjoy.

Whether you’re into racing games, co-op chaos or something a little different, there’s a split screen game for you. Read on to find out our recommendations of four-player games on PlayStation 4.

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Can’t Drive This

Can't Drive This

Can’t Drive This is one of our favourite four-player split screen games on PS4 of recent years. While it revolves around driving cars, it’s not a racing game. Far from it. It’s sort-of a co-op game, but it’s also competitive.

You see, two players will be in charge of placing track, while two others will be in control of vehicles. The players placing the track need to ensure the drivers can keep moving forward. Run out of track and it’s game over. Sabotaging your friends might be fun, but you’ll both score well if you manage to keep them on the track. It’s loads of fun, and one game only takes a few minutes. Can’t Drive This is the sort of thing you’ll keep jumping into again and again.

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Overcooked 1 & 2

Whichever Overcooked game you decide to play, you’re going to have a great time. This is by far one of the best four-player split screen games on PS4 – as long as you don’t mind a little bit of chaos.

You see, Overcooked is hard. It’s ridiculously hard in fact, but that’s what makes it so much fun when you force your friends and family into playing it with you. It’s a very simple premise: you and your friends are chefs. You’re given some basic recipes, all the ingredients and equipment needed to cook them. It’s a case of working together to get the food prepared.

Except it’s not as easy as it sounds. Your kitchen is no normal kitchen – oh no. Every level offers a different challenge; maybe your kitchen is split in two by an earthquake. Or maybe a busy main road runs through the middle of it. There’s any number of obstacles that can stand in the way of you and your kitchen success. As you play, it only gets more frenetic, but that only makes it more fun. Multiplayer games on PS4 don’t get much better than this.

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Gang Beasts

Ever wanted to slap one of your friends? You probably have, but you don’t want to admit it. Well, Gang Beasts lets you do just that – with none of the guilt. This silly multiplayer party brawler is all about fighting with your friends in a range of dangerous environments, with the goal of coming out on top. You’ll take control of a blobby, gelatinous character and engage in hilarious slapstick battles with your friends.

If you like to get a little competitive but still have plenty of fun, Gang Beasts makes for one of the best four-player split screen games on PS4. It’s bright, it’s colourful, it isn’t to be taken seriously at all. But slapping and jumping on your friends, or throwing them into a vat of goo, has never been so much fun.

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Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo is crazy, but in the best possible way. While the goal is to come in first position, this isn’t your typical racing game; the tracks you’re racing on often more in common with roller coasters than roads. There are loop de loops, steep inclines and massive descents to overcome, and they all might all make you feel a bit sick. But if you’re up for the challenge, this is one of the best four-player split screen games you can play on PS4.

Because of how fast-paced Trackmania Turbo is, most races will be over in a minute or two. And so you’ll likely keep jumping back in again and again. Just be prepared for the motion sickness, and don’t take your eyes off the road.

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Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

Kart games make the perfect four-player split screen games. And Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is by far one of the best on PS4. Especially if you’re a fan of that 90s marsupial icon.

We’ll not beat around the bush, though. Crash Team Racing is hard. You’re going to have to bring your A-game. Staying on the track is one thing, but when you consider all those power-ups and weapons that your opponents can pick up… well, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

But if you’re a fan of karting games, you’re going to have a great time. There’s a great range of tracks on offer, the character selection is fantastic, and it looks beautiful. A real blast from the past, modernised for the 2020s.

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Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers_20160816202515

Tricky Towers is, in a nutshell, Tetris without walls. Up to four players build a tower of tetrominos, keeping it as steady as possible. Should you go wrong, your tower will fall, and glory will be lost. With three different game modes to play – race, puzzle and survival – the more players you have to battle against, the more fun it can be.

If you and your friends are Tetris fans, then, Tricky Towers is undoubtedly one of the best four-player split screen games you can play. It’s fun, just the right amount of stressful, and a very easy game to pick up and learn. You’ll just need a steady hand to place those blocks – sometimes speed isn’t the key; being careful is. Shh… don’t tell anyone we told you that.

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