4Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Who would have thought that a racer built around a ferocious, fast-paced and dangerous sport would work? Yup, pretty much everyone who watched the pod racing in Episode I; perhaps the best moment of the first prequel.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer manages to be an excellent racing experience that also feels very Star Wars. Characters from the film who raced are included in the game, with a few extras available, and the tracks venture into well-known areas from the galaxy. Naboo’s level is actually the easiest race in the game, which says a lot about how challenging some of the latter courses are.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer also includes a dynamic damage system where the racer can get damaged through collisions or crashes, which impacts on performance. It creates a balance between aggressive and cautious racing. Watto’s Workshop is even included, and offers the possibility to repair the racer and buy new parts to improve the performance.

A great game that felt just like taking part in a pod race… only without the possibility of saving your mum from Watto’s slavery. Shame.

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