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BioShock: The Collection is Free on the Epic Games Store

BioShock is one of the most memorable games we’ve ever played and now you can pick up the entire PC trilogy for free, courtesy of the Epic Games Store.

That’s not to say that BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite aren’t also good games. They are, and if you’re a fan of meddling with multiverses, you’ll have an absolute blast with Infinite. And all three titles see you trapped in a city which, while built as some kind of utopia (a racist one, in the case of Infinite) has gone rapidly downhill.

But BioShock is an amazing, amazing experience – haunting and breathtaking in equal measure. Yes, the big twist has become meme-worthy but, even knowing how events are going to unfold, we still regularly roam Rapture’s underwater halls. Andrew Ryan, too, is one of the great video game “villains”, who goes from taunting you to.. actually, we won’t risk spoiling things any further.

BioShock: The Collection also includes ever piece of downloadable content and while the collection, which remasters the original releases, is a good six years old now, it still looks gorgeous. We sang the praises of the Switch version, remarking that the games “.. have mostly stood the test of time, and still present some of the best video game storytelling to date.”

So just how do you get the trilogy for free? First, you’ll need an Epic Game Store account. If you don’t already have one it’s free to sign up and once you’ve logged in, either into the Epic Game Store site or the Epic Games Store app, search for BioShock: The Collection. Then, click on get and, hey presto, the game is yours to download, forever.

However, you’ve only got a couple of days to claim it, with the offer expiring this coming Thursday, June 2nd (UPDATE: We originally mistakenly stated it was June 6th, our apologies). But trust us, if you’ve never played any of the BioShock games you won’t regret it. And if you have? There’s always a welcome waiting for you in Rapture.

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