Core Keeper Now Has Dedicated Servers

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If you’re a fan of playing multiplayer Core Keeper, we come bearing rather exciting news: from today, players can host their own dedicated servers.

Developer Pugstorm has been planning to facilitate dedicated servers for a while. And as part of Core Keeper‘s Early Access development, today they have been implemented. A number of players were able to test out the feature last month, providing key bug reports and feedback. With that feedback, the developer has been able to roll out the option of dedicated servers to all players.

Using a dedicated server in Core Keeper allows players to have full control of their instance of the game. When playing with a group of friends in multiplayer, it can be a huge benefit in cutting out elements of lag.

If you’re interested in hosting your own dedicated server to play Core Keeper on, you’ll find the hosting application in the ‘Tools’ menu of your Steam Library.

If that sounds a little bit complicated for you, don’t worry. The standard player-hosted multiplayer is still available, and this has been improved too. It now uses Steam’s networking back end, offering better stability and fixing a number of networking problems.

And, whether you’re hosting a game on a dedicated server or using the in-game functionality, you now have admin tools to kick players from your world. In other words, multiplayer in Core Keeper has never been better.

This isn’t the only update to come from Pugstorm today. The developer also announced that a new biome, the Sunken Sea, will arrive in the game next month. You can read more about that here.

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