Cotton Fantasy’s Broomstick Bullet Hell Arrives Next Week

Cotton Fantasy

Cotton Fantasy may sound like a particularly up-market underwear store but it’s actually the latest in a 30 year-old shoot-em-up series.

As with previous entries in the series, it casts you as young (though we suspect she just doesn’t age) witch Cotton who, with aid from her fairy companion Silk, get into all sorts of broomstick-based scrapes.

Why is she back on the broomstick blasting enemies in the face? If we’re honest, it doesn’t really matter. We have fond memories of the original Cotton as well as the sequels we dabbled in and if Cotton Fantasy is half as good as the original you’re in for a treat.


But, if you are curious, the Fairy Queen has apparently entrusted Cotton with discovering who’s stealing all the willows from the kingdom. In return, Cotton has been promised a lifetime supply of delicious willows. No, we can’t really imagine having them in a sandwich but each to their own.

We were a little worried that dropping the pixel look in favour of 3D would make Cotton Fantasy look a little too plastic, but developer Inin seems to have pulled it off. You can expect it to be as challenging as previous titles though, curiously, it’s not coming to the PC.

Instead, Cotton Fantasy is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, though we wouldn’t rule out a PC release at some point. You’ll be able to grab it digitally but there’s also a physical edition and a rather snazzy collector’s edition. Whatever you plump for, Cotton Fantasy will let you hop on your broomstick this May 20th.