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Dead by Daylight’s Latest Road Map Has Locker Teleporting, Attack on Titan and More Resident Evil

Dead by Daylight Roots of Dread

Behaviour Interactive has unveiled its future plans for Dead by Daylight and they’re quite something.

We’re not just talking about the news that there’s a Dead by Daylight visual novel in the works which will see you dating four of the game’s killers. The road map, which also marks the sixth anniversary of the asymmetric multiplayer stalk-and-slash game, contains multiple revelations.

For a start, there’s a new chapter in the works, Roots of Dread. It’ll introduce a new monster, an amorphous beast known as The Dredge, monster hunter Haddie Kaur and the Garden of Joy, a level set in and around an American mansion. Sounds like business as normal, right? New chapter, new survivor, new monster, new level.

What has us excited about this chapter is that The Dredge can teleport between lockers. In other words, you can magically appear in a locker a mile from where a survivor last saw you, scaring and/or murdering them. That, alone, is enough for us to want to get back into Dead by Daylight.

Roots of Dread will arrive this 7th of June, as paid content, but that’s not all. There’s new Resident Evil content on the way, in the shape of Resident Evil: PROJECT W, with the trailer set to drop later today. It promises “.. even more characters from the legendary horror franchise”, though there’s no date other than 2022.

And Attack on Titan is coming to Dead by Daylight at some point! It’s not quite as cool as it sounds, you don’t get to take on the animated show’s actual titans but there will be costumes from the show. And, finally, Dead by Daylight’s mobile version will be getting a big update, including control improvements.

We still have our fingers crossed for a Friday the 13th crossover – yes, there’s a Friday the 13th game, but an ongoing lawsuit, regards the rights to the series and characters, meant that no more content could be delivered.

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