Does Evil Dead: The Game Have a Single-Player Mode?

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If you’ve just picked up Evil Dead: The Game, you might be wondering if you can play it solo. Well, can you?

While it is primarily designed as a multiplayer game, Evil Dead: The Game does indeed have a single-player mode. Currently, it offers five individual missions to play through.

In these missions you’ll take control of a number of characters from the Evil Dead franchise.


Each mission has you completing a series of objectives. In the first mission, for example, you’ll be playing as Ash, tasked with recovering the head of your girlfriend Linda. Along the way, you’ll have to face against hordes of Deadites.

The missions aren’t the longest, depending on how skilled you are. Some players will likely complete them within 20 minutes or so. But they’re not so easy, and so it may take you several attempts before you can beat one.

You’re rewarded for completing each mission with recordings and other goodies, including characters and outfits.

There’ll be a sixth single-player mission added to the game at a later date.

Once you’ve completed the single-player missions, you can also jump into a regular match of the game but play against bots. So while it may not be the intended way to play,¬†Evil Dead: The Game¬†caters pretty well for those who prefer single-player action.

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