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Eternal Threads Has Been Delayed on Console

Eternal Threads

Secret Mode has today announced that the Xbox One and PS4 versions of its upcoming Eternal Threads have been delayed.

It’s bad news if you were looking forward to playing this time-manipulating narrative adventure on console. But not all is lost: Eternal Threads‘ PC release is still going ahead as planned on 19th May.

Publisher Secret Mode has given no reason for the delay. Presumably, the console ports still need a little more work to run optimally. No new release date has been given yet, outside of “later in 2022”.

We’re fairly sure it’ll be worth the wait, though, if you’d rather play on console than PC. We spent some time with Eternal Threads last month, previewing the first two hours of the game. You can read our full preview here, but the tl;dr summary is: “Eternal Threads is shaping up to be something special, and if you enjoy narrative-driven experiences, make sure that this is on your radar.”

If you do have a PC capable of playing games, we suggest you consider picking up Eternal Threads when it launches next week. It casts you as a time-travelling agent from the future, sent back to 2015 to rescue six residents from a house fire. They all perished, but by changing events in the week leading up to their deaths, you can save them all. Or at least try to.

Watch the new trailer below to see Eternal Threads in action and to get an understanding of how its mechanics work:

Be sure to come back next week to check out our Eternal Threads review. It’ll be available on PC via Steam on 19th May. Add it to your wishlist now.

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