PSA: If You’re Playing Evil Dead: The Game, Make Use of Your Spirit Points

Evil Dead the Game 1 Review(1)

Evil Dead: The Game is great fun to play, and it only gets better when you’ve levelled up your favourite characters to learn new skills.

There’s one thing that many players seem to overlook, however: Spirit Points. You earn them in every match you play in Evil Dead: The Game (outside of playing solo and private matches, anyway), and by using them you can greatly accelerate the rate at which you level up your favourite characters. Alternatively, you can also use Spirit Points to level up a character you might consider using in the future, without actually playing as them.

You see, while you’ll earn valuable experience playing as say, the Army of Darkness version of Ash, allowing you to level him up and invest points into his skill tree, you’ll also earn Spirit Points while doing so. They’re separate to the experience you earn for the character you’re playing as in each match.

By going to the collection screen on the main menu, and then selecting one of the available characters, you can then use your Spirit Points to level them up. Look for the prompt at the bottom of the scree to use your Spirit Points.

One Spirit Point equates to one point of experience, and you earn a fair amount of Spirit Points should you finish a match. If you use them all to boost the development of your favourite character, then, you can make them pretty high level at a much quicker pace.

If you’ve been playing Evil Dead: The Game and haven’t realised you can do this yet – which is likely because the game never explains its to you – you might have a good old stash of points you can use to dramatically boost your character levels.

So, give your Evil Dead: The Game experience a boost and make use of those Spirit Points. The game gives them to you, so you may as well use them and make your favourite character faster, stronger, healthier, and simply more capable of dismembering deadites. Or maybe use them to power up a demon, making it even better to be bad.  It’s up to you.

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