Evil Dead: The Game – What is Pink F, And How Do You Use It?

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Seen mention of ‘Pink F’ while playing Evil Dead: The Game and wondering what the F it is? Here’s what you need to know.

As you play¬†Evil Dead: The Game, you might find bottles of a substance called ‘Pink F’. You’ll typically find them in ‘Epic’ and ‘Legendary’ supply crates. It turns out that Pink F is rather handy indeed: it allows you to upgrade your character for the rest of the match.

You can collect multiple bottles of Pink F, and each bottle you pick up gives you one point to spend. That one point can be spent on upgrading your character. It’s not a permanent upgrade, however; it’ll only last until the end of the match.

If you have Pink F, press down on your d-pad to use it. That will bring up a screen where you can choose an upgrade. There are several different upgrades available, falling under different categories: Melee, Ranged, Health, Fear, Stamina and Shield. You can spend them in whichever area you like.

Be warned, though: Pink F points can’t be redistributed. Once it’s spent, that’s it. So be sure to spend them wisely, and think about what skills might be most beneficial to you. If you prefer fighting melee, for example, opt for a boost to your Melee skill. Or if ranged weapons are you thing, adding a point to Ranged seems like a good idea.

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