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F1 22 Will Overhaul Three Tracks to Make Them Match Their Real-World Equivalents

EA and Codemasters have announced that three of the tracks featured in F1 22 have been updated to match their real-world counterparts.

That’s not to say the other tracks are wildly, wildly inaccurate, that you start off on a French track and end up driving around the moon. But the changes that have been made to the real world tracks have been so significant they’ve warranted developer Codemasters fixing.

The tracks and changes are as follows:

Spain: “Turn 10 sees a new layout matching those introduced in real life for the postponed 2021 race. Turns 10-14 have updated offtrack areas, alongside several sausage kerbs around the circuit”

Australia: “The Albert Park Circuit has been remodelled using LIDAR data, boasting more detailed height and camber. Outfield areas see walls repositioned, and kerbs replaced with new photogrammetry versions. There are multiple changes to the circuit with a new layout to turns 1, 3, 6, 8/9 (replacing the chicane), 11, 12, and 13”

Abu Dhabi: “Yas Marina’s turn 5, where Verstappen overtook Hamilton to secure the 2021 Formula One World Championship™, has changed with the chicane removed before the hairpin. The hairpin has also come forward adding more runoff. The turn 9 chicane and 90-degree turns are now a single cambered turn, replacing turns 11-14. Lastly, turns 13-15 have been rounded off around the hotel to allow cars to follow more closely.”

The latter change is probably the most significant, because it relates to the Hamilton/Verstappen controversy. We imagine a few players will be setting out to mirror that situation, so they can offer their own take on the event.

F1 22 is set for a July release, arriving on on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. You can check out our preview here

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