Futuristic RTS Crossfire: Legion Has Marched Onto Steam Early Access

Crossfire: Legion

Crossfire: Legion, out in Steam Early Access, invites you to annihilate your enemies with a range of faction-based murder machines.

Sound familiar? It should, especially if you’ve fond memories of playing Command & Conquer and its ilk. Developers Blackbird Interactive claim it’s a “..modern take on the classical real-time strategy formula.” It’s set in the same universe as Smilegate’s long-running multiplayer FPS Crossfire which should, at the least, give it a foot in the door.

There’s no denying that Crossfire: Legion offers players plenty of choice when it comes to the vehicles and troopers they unleash on their foes. There are three playable factions in total; Global Risk, Black List and and New Horizon. Each has their own distinctive set of 45 units, including 24 new units which were unveiled last week and it’s possible that more may be added later.

Being Early Access, you don’t get a full single player campaign, but you do get the first act of the campaign, an AI Skirmish mode which, in theory, is infinitely replayable and an online multiplayer mode, which includes both head-to-head and co-op combat. We got our hands on it back in January and, in particular, were struck by how fast-paced battles could be.

Now it’s out in Steam Early Access you too can test your mettle, and your ability to think on your feet. That said, according to Steam reviews, a significant number of units are locked away until you’ve “earned” them, even in skirmish modes. Some players aren’t happy about this situation and we can certainly understand why.

Crossfire: Legion is available for PC through Steam Early Access, with a full release pencilled in for Q4 2022. It’s priced at £23.99 but, until May 31st, there’s a 10% launch discount, making it £21.59. You can purchase it from the Steam Store here.

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