Games Done Quick Has Announced This Summer’s GDQ Schedule

Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick is back this summer and after three long years it’s an in-person event. Hurrah!

That is “Hurrah!”, right? Not necessarily  – we get the push for “normality” but coronavirus is still out there and, in the case of the recent Penny Arcade Expo East, it led to at least one death. So making Summer Games Done Quick 2022 an in-person, physical event is a questionable decision.

Yes, GDQ has imposed a clear list of conditions, specifying that attendees must wear face masks and provide proof of vaccination; they also require proof of medical exemption. However, PAX East 2022 sported similar rules and coronavirus still put in an unwelcome appearance.

Still, the event is set to take place June 26th to July 3rd at the the DoubleTree Hilton Bloomington-Minneapolis Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota. As with previous summer GDQs, all donations will go to Doctors Without Borders, a charity that “brings medical humanitarian assistance to victims of conflict, natural disasters, epidemics or healthcare exclusion”.

Speedrunning is the practice of beating a game as quickly as you can though the methods employed may vary. A lot of speedrunners will use glitches and so on, clipping through walls and so forth, while others may try to complete a game “legitimately”. Some of the runs taking place at SDGQ 2022 are listed on the schedule as glitchless, while others are effectively open season on bugs and the like.

You can find the full schedule here, but … hang on, how can you have a schedule when so many different games are being run? The difference between SDGQ 2022 and, say, a speedrun you might find on YouTube is that these speedruns are timed. Some runners will be completing a whole game, eg Knuckles’ Chaotix, while others will be running a specific chunk of the game.

The titles to be tackled include Advance Wars, Elden Ring, Metal Gear, Left 4 Dead 2, F-Zero GX and more. In short, there’s a real wealth of titles on display. How can you witness these speedrunning shenanigans? If you do decide to turn up in person you need to register via the GDQ site before May 23rd.

Apart from turning up in person, which may not be a great idea, you can watch them on GDQ’s Twitch channel starting from 4:30 PM GMT / 9:30 AM PT this Sunday June 26th. Either way, you’ll be able to donate to GDQ and, through them, Doctors Without Borders. Last year’s event raised nearly $3m, so you can expect SGDQ 2022 to make a big difference to people who need it.