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Get The Blasphemous Documentary Free With Any Other The Game Kitchen Merchandise Purchase

Blasphemous 1 (1)

Are you a fan of Blasphemous? The good news is that if you purchase anything from developer The Games Kitchen’s merchandise store you get the making-of documentary free.

The bad news is you can’t buy a horrifying, life-size Penitent One mask that bleeds ketchup when you put it on. In fact, given how grim the Soulslike is, the items you can purchase are surprisingly normal. Mugs, posters, that sort of thing.

If you’ve yet to experience Blasphemous, which is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, you’ve missed out on a treat. In our review, we called it “a gift that you didn’t think that you wanted but quickly becomes to be loved.” It sees your character, the Penitent One, depart on a mission to dispatch a rival pope, alongside some truly brain-bending bosses.

The digital Blasphemous documentary illustrates the not-quite-so-bloody trials that developer The Game Kitchen went through in their efforts to make the game a reality – financial, practical and otherwise. The documentary is dubbed “Landing Blasphemous” and can be purchased for 4,99. Or you can grab it for free if you purchase any other item through The Game Kitchen Store.

The Game Kitchen is also the developer behind the superb The Last Door and, while the store isn’t loaded with The Last Door merchandise, there are a couple of t-shirts to choose from.

You can find The Game Kitchen’s store here. And if you’ve yet to play Blasphemous, it’s available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Xbox One and PS4.

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