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Golf Gang Review

Golf Gang

The word “golf” might be in the title, but Golf Gang doesn’t have too much in common with the actual sport.

Sure, you have a ball, and the goal is to get it in the hole at the end of the course. But that’s it. Similarities begin and end there. So if you’re looking for a serious golfing game, this absolutely isn’t it. What it is, though, is a heck of a lot of fun. Particularly if you’re wanting something to play online with a bunch of friends.

Golf Gang is best described as golf meets Rocket League. Up to eight people can compete in a match, where you’ll race to see who can fling their ball to the finish line fastest and in the least number of shots. It’s very easy to pick up, but incredibly fiendish to master, particularly as you progress onto some of the game’s more tricky courses. But the harder Golf Gang gets, the more riotous it becomes.

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To begin with, you might have a fairly straightforward mini golf course. Pull back your mouse and aim to shoot your ball. Do that a couple of times, and you’ll undoubtedly end up putting. But fast forward a few levels and you’ll find yourself needing to manouvre past obstacles, jump up ramps, avoid holes, spinning traps, fly through hoops, and god-knows-what else.

Add to the fact that, if you’re playing at max capacity, you’ve got seven other players all vying for the same space as you, balls flying everywhere, knocking into each other and generally causing chaos. You’ll scream, you’ll laugh, you’ll call your best friend a name that you can’t repeat in front of your parents. It’s a good time.

The chaos only grows when you throw Golf Gang‘s modifiers into the mix. How about a ball that gets bigger every time you hit it? Or bouncy balls? Or anti-gravity? Even better, how about all three? And a dozen more? You can add several modifiers at once, making things truly crazy, and it’s all the better for it. Even if it means nobody has any chance of pulling off a stellar performance – but that’s all part of the fun.

If it’s not already clear, Golf Gang is a game that shines when you’re playing with friends (or randoms; that would work too). But there are single player options if you’d prefer, or simply want to practice. You can jump into a solo time trial, honing your skills as you make your way through an 18-hole course. It’s nice that there’s an option, but single-player mode won’t hold your attention for long.

No online multiplayer game would be complete without endless customisation, of course, and Golf Gang lets you dress up your golf ball in a huge selection of weird and wonderful cosmetics. You’ll unlock them using coins gathered by playing, and it shouldn’t take you too long to have enough to buy a couple of things. There’s something rather adorable about a golf ball with googly eyes and a wizard’s hat.

Ultimately, how much joy you’ll get out of Golf Gang depends how much you like playing online. For those who regularly have digital get-togethers with friends, this is a must have. And considering its bargain price (£7.99/$9.99), there really is no reason to jump in: mad-cap, hilarious fun is guaranteed. For those who prefer to play solo, though, you’re better off giving this one a miss.

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