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Sniper Elite 5

Here’s When Sniper Elite 5 Releases in Your Region

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With its launch just a couple of days away, Rebellion has tweeted to let us all know when we can jump into Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 has an official launch date of 26th May. That’s just two days away, on Thursday. But if you’re buying the game digitally and wondering when you can download it, it varies a little depending where in the world you live.

Developer Rebellion has confirmed that, on PlayStation consoles, the game will launch at midnight local time, no matter where in the world you are.

But if you’re playing on PC or Xbox, that launch time will vary slightly, depending which region you’re in.

As tweeted by the official Sniper Elite account earlier this afternoon, the below map shows what time you can expect the game to launch:

Sniper Elite 5 release times

In other words, on PC and Xbox, Sniper Elite 5 will land globally at midnight GMT. Here’s how that time zone translates to different regions:

  • North America West Coast: 5pm PDT, 25th May
  • North America East Coast: 8pm EDT, 25th May
  • UK: 1am BST, 26th May
  • Mainland Europe: 2am CEST, 26th May
  • Australia West Coast: 8am AWST, 26th May
  • Australia East Coast: 10am AEST, 26th May

No matter what format you’re playing on, the game can be preloaded right now. So when the clock hits the right time, you can be ready to jump straight in.

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